Some time ago (I can’t remember when) I joined a local Magic: the Gathering group called “Lobber Crew” and just by the name I knew that I found the “crew” I wanted to run with. In fact, David a founder of the Lobber Crew, who is one of the hosts of our newest series “Dueling Planeswalkers” introduced me to this fine lad. We will call him, Derrick “the Mad”. Derrick has joined our Galaxy to bring us his decks of utter and absolute “mad”-ness.

Derrick has been writing content for a couple of years and creates deck techs for Standard, Modern and Commander along with articles on MTG Color Pie Theory. He comes to us with a vast passion/knowledge for the game, story and lore. We are excited to have him start writing for Galaxy Game TV. If we ask him nicely we may even get him on our YouTube Channel …… *crossing fingers*.

So you might be wondering why we are calling him Derrick “the Mad”. Well……


When we asked him, which character or card would you identify with in the multiverse he responded:

Sarkhan was tapped in to something that no one else really understood. They thought he was crazy, because they didn’t understand what he knew. In the end, he followed his insights and became more powerful for it.

Which if you knew Derrick…. yeah that describes him to a T. Much like some of the crazy brews he comes up with. He gets an idea and follows it until he comes up with something that is more playable than it should be.

We hope you enjoy his articles to come. His first deck tech is pretty sweet!

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