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In this episode we will break down the ongoing product fatigue in Magic: the Gathering and we dive into the Switch 2 leaks while updating with information we have been provided by our undisclosed source of information.

Magic: the Gathering found in landfill and we discuss the effects of product fatigue

Reddit Posting:

Many outlets have reported finding Magic: the Gathering sealed boxes in a landfill. Collectively can be worth in upwards of $100,000 in the open market. There no one at the time of publishing has come forward to provide details on who or why these products were dumped in the landfill.

Switch 2 LEAKS surface again with NEW Details

Tom’s Hardware Posting:

The rumored Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2 that is currently been discussed is in the news again and leaks are starting to surface more on this product potentially pointing to a 2023-24 release.

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